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August 2018 

ATI participates in the integration of UQAR students into the world of work

As part of their short wind energy program at UQAR (University of Quebec at Rimouski), Solène, Kevin, Alexandre, Antoine, Jean-Christophe and Bérénice have participated in the development of some projects for Audace Technologies. .

Our projects

Electrification of a wildlife park, 2 villages and feeding of a solar pump in Gabon

Projet Gorilles, Gabon

16 GC nano were sent to Gabon for the supply of electricity to an animal protection park, villages and an irrigation system through the use of a solar pump.


Around 24kW will be provided to improve living conditions and agricultural production through direct access to village water.


Power supply for remote meteo towers

Pure Energie

8 towers in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia. GC1 is power supply for instrumentation, obstruction lighting, wind farm surveillance and heated equipment.

Hybrid wind diesel power station for extreme north remote telecom towers 

Bell, Télébec

Wind 7,5 kW power station using existing diesel generator as back up

Autonomous kiosk for wind energy museum

Eole Cap-Chat

Renewable energy powered recycled sea container transformed as an information center for visitors and climbers in the highest vertical axis wind turbine in the world.


Led Lighting Station for Construction Works

Lachance Construction

Semi mobile  unit equipped with new generation led lights, providing efficient lighting and surveillance in various locations during road and civil construction works. 


Power supply for geotechnical radars

Iron Ore, QNSL

Dedicated to supply ultra safe power supply to slope stability radars (SSR), installed in mountained sites for railway track safety or mining operations. Replacing diesel generators runnig 24h/24.

Renewable Energy Demo Booth and electric vehical charging station.

Metis Gardens

In one of the most visited regional touristic attraction, special off grid outdoors booth aiming to demonstrate effective use of renewable energy, including an electrical vehical charging station.

GC 1  

Green energy power supply for an eco lodge


Sea Shack Inn

Wind-Solar power supply and demo installation dedicated to promote this famous inn as a leader in environmental friendly solutions for lodging.

Reliability improvement of solar powered beacons on islands

Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Canadian Coast Guard

Revised configuration of renewable energy power supply in order to improve reliability and safety of remote island stations dedicated to aids-to-navigation along St. Lawrence River.

GC 1

Autonomous power supply for remote wind measurement towers


Dedicated to instrumentation, including heated, and obstruction lights.

Trailered mobile unit for practical training in technical colleges, schools

Quebec Education Department

Full equiped trailer, including wind turbines, solar pannels, batteries, gas generator, regulation systems. Dedicated to visit schools and colleges for training pupils to technologies related to renewable energy.


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