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The company

Founded in 1997, the Quebec company Audace Technologies Inc. offers innovative solutions for clean and sustainable electricity generation from renewable energies.


For 20 years, the company has specialized in the design and development of autonomous systems adapted to isolated sites.


In 2008, and following a customer's request, ATI invented an integrated technology to reduce the number of stakeholders, and at the same time bring more reliability and ease of use: GreenCube technology was born.


Present in Canada and abroad (Senegal, Gabon, Tunisia, Argentina), ATI continues to develop a large panel of adapted products.


Our values



Audace Technologies inc. is a company based on continuous technological innovation and the inventiveness of its team. It is not for nothing that 80% of our resources are devoted to Research and Development.



In any case, we are not trying to sell what we cannot do or what the customer does not need. Transparency is very valuable for our customers, since all system parameters are accessible at all times, online, to the customer.

Knowledge sharing

We do not only sell machines, but we sell a product that adds significant value to our customers and helps them improve their lives, business and future. With this in mind, any project is carried out in partnership with the client, with whom we share and learn.

Our vision

Climate change is happening and we must act.

The transition to sustainable energy is needed today to preserve our planet for future generations.

At ATI, we believe deeply in the ability of men to achieve a sustainable world for the future.


In order to achieve these ambitious goals, ATI is committed to designing and developing GreenCube in Canada and abroad, with a constant focus on quality, consultation and membership.

Through its varied product offering and wide spectrum of skills, ATI adapts to your needs in an innovative way whatever they may be.

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