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We provide sustainable clean power sources for remote and connected sites

Plug'n'Play    Stackable   Smart

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Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

The use of solar and wind energy is the cleanest way to power remote sites


A plug&play solution that cuts the costs of a traditionnal renewable energy system

Solidity and reliability

A solid and durable aluminum structure, an anti-theft system, online safety monitoring


The diversity of products offered by ATI brings flexibility of use


GreenCube are designed to be easy to transport (towable, heliportable...)


A connected system allows remote monitoring and anticipation of possible failures

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The GreenCube is a hybrid and autonomous plug and play power generation system. It allows a reliable and instant supply of isolated sites.


The GreenCube operates on wind and solar power but can also be connected to a diesel generator.


Depending on the needs, there are three types of GreenCube.

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GC Mobile
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