What if a standalone wind-solar generator provided free electricity in remote areas?

Plug'n'Play    Stackable   Smart


Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

he use of solar and photovoltaic energy reduces the environmental impact


GreenCube green power generation will ensure economies quickly

Solidity and reliability

A solid aluminum structure, an anti-theft system, batteries resistant to extreme temperatures...


The diversity of products offered by ATI brings flexibility of use


GreenCube are designed to be easy to transport (portable, winch able...)


A connected system allows remote monitoring and anticipation of possible malfunctions


The GreenCube is a hybrid and autonomous plug and play power generation system. It allows a reliable and instant supply of isolated sites.


The GreenCube operates on wind and solar power but can also be connected to a diesel generator.


Depending on the needs, there are three types of GreenCube.


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